The 2024 South China International Industrial Expo (hereinafter referred to as the South China Industrial Expo), jointly organized by Hanover Milan Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Donghao Lansheng Exhibition Group Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd., will make its debut at
2024/06/19 15:52
To successfully obtain valuable lunar soil, a series of key core technologies such as surface sampling and drilling are essential. Among them, surface sampling refers to using a robotic arm to carry a sampling device to shovel lunar soil or pick up lunar rocks at multiple positions on the lunar
2024/06/08 16:51
In industrial production, bearings, as key components of mechanical equipment, their performance and quality directly affect the operational efficiency and stability of the equipment. Many customers often pay attention to the wear resistance, load-bearing capacity, operating accuracy, and service
2024/06/03 17:37
Air bearings and magnetic levitation bearings are both high-precision, non-contact bearing technologies, but their principles and application scenarios are different.1.Principle: Air bearings use the compression of gas to generate support force, which floats the rotor and achieves the function of
2024/06/01 13:14
Plastic bearings are very common in multiple application scenarios, including but not limited to the following areas:Automotive manufacturing:In the automotive field, plastic bearings are mainly used in automotive engines, transmission systems, suspension systems, and other parts. They can improve
2024/05/11 10:04
What is hot installation of machine tool bearings? How should we heat up the bearings of machine tools? Machine tool bearing hot installation generally refers to a heating process that involves installing the inner trap of the bearing onto the bearing block of the transmission shaft, and is divided
2024/05/07 15:33
The label letters of high-temperature bearings look quite messy depending on the brand and type. Generally speaking, the tail of high-temperature bearings is marked with "HT", and the following "1" and "2" tell you how high temperatures this bearing can withstand. But some brands have different
2024/04/27 14:26
1、 Specific definition of bearingsBearings, known as the "food of the mechanical industry", are indispensable key components in modern mechanical devices. From high-speed cars and airplanes to common household appliances such as refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, and air conditioners in daily life,
2024/04/20 14:55
The high-temperature bearing needs to be replaced and new high-temperature lubricating grease needs to be added. However, this lubricating grease needs to be added just right, whether it's too much or too little won't work. How much does it need to be added specifically?What is the problem with
2024/04/18 09:55
The installation of linear bearings requires a lot of attention to methods. Whether you are installing high-quality imported bearings or domestically produced bearings with average quality, it may affect the service life and performance of the bearings. Therefore, when installing linear bearings,
2024/04/10 11:08
The bearing ring raceway is the surface of the bearing workpiece, and its quality will directly affect the working performance and service life of the bearing. During use, we often find common quality problems on the surface of bearing rings. How do these quality problems arise? Based on years of
2024/04/07 10:19
1、 What is bearing chamfer?Chamfer is a term used in mechanical engineering. In order to remove burrs caused by machining on parts and to facilitate assembly, chamfers are generally made at the ends of parts. Chamfering can be seen everywhere in our daily lives, on the borders of mobile phones, on
2024/04/01 10:03