What Letter is used to represent high-temperature bearings?

2024/04/27 14:26

The label letters of high-temperature bearings look quite messy depending on the brand and type. Generally speaking, the tail of high-temperature bearings is marked with "HT", and the following "1" and "2" tell you how high temperatures this bearing can withstand. But some brands have different gameplay, for example, some brands use "WT" to indicate their ability to withstand special high temperatures of 500 degrees, and "DT" to indicate their ability to withstand high temperatures of 300 degrees.

"ET" represents 200 degrees,

"I (X) T" represents 400 degrees,

"CT" represents 600 degrees, which is not a problem,

"QT" represents 700 degrees,

"C" means it can be done from 800 to 1400 degrees.

However, don't be confused, these labeling methods may vary from brand to brand, so when choosing high-temperature bearings, you need to refer to the product manual and technical specifications to find the most suitable one for you.