How to install tapered roller bearingsAdjusting the axial clearance for the installation of tapered roller bearings can be achieved by adjusting the nuts, washers, and threads in the bearing seat holes on the shaft neck, or by using methods such as pre tensioning springs. The size of axial
2024/06/17 17:31
Process flow of bearing outer ring processing: Bearing steel ->Forging ->Annealing ->Turning ->Heat treatment ->Grinding ->Assembly ->Inspection ->Packaging and warehousingThe purpose of forging technology1. Forming: Control reasonable turning allowance.2. Obtain a high
2024/06/12 13:23
On the 18th,the five-day automation exhibition concluded successfully in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.This time our bearings and linear series bearings have been favoured by many people .Thanks to every friend who came to the booth for consulation,thanks for your support and trust.Looking forward to
2024/05/25 15:37
    On 15-18 May ,our company will participate 28th international machine tools,metalworking&automation machine tools,metalworking & automation technology exhibition in KUALA LUMPUR.     Welcome to our booth!    Booth number:3392Opening Hours:15-17 May (Wed-Fri.):10am-6pm18 May(Sat
2024/04/30 09:34
1、 Single row tapered roller bearingsThe inner and outer rings can be installed separately;Rear wheels that can be used for drum brakes (such as Santana rear wheels);Has higher load-bearing capacity and relatively lower rotational speed;Small installation space, easy to install;2、 First generation
2024/04/25 12:38
The metallurgical quality of bearing materials was once the main factor affecting the early failure of bearings. With the improvement of metallurgical technology (such as vacuum degassing of bearing steel), the quality of raw materials has been improved. The proportion of raw material quality
2024/02/20 15:11
The Chinese Lunar New Year has ended with the sound of firecrackers,and factories have started construction one after another.In the new year,hope everyone has a wide range of financial resources. We will continue to work together and create excellent results. 
2024/02/17 16:17
Dear Friend:The Spring Festival(Chinese New Year) is coming.SFC factory will be on vocation starting today,with a holiday period from (2024.2.1-2.16),and will officially start work on the 17th.Please place your order in advance so that you can arrange your order production reasonably after work.
2024/01/31 10:53
Bearings are a common mechanical component used to support and rotate shafts in machines. As an important component of SFC bearings, the cage plays a role in fixing the position and separating the rolling elements, while also bearing the load of the bearing. The following will introduce three types
2024/01/13 11:31
In addition to tapered roller bearings, deep groove ball bearings, outer spherical bearings, thrust bearings, and so on.Our company has developed and launched a new type of bearing - Trolley Bearings.It a non-standred type.We can customize according to your needs.Welcome your inquiry.
2024/01/01 13:21
As an efficient transmission product that converts the rotational motion of the motor into the linear feed motion of the nut, the selection of ball screw accuracy and assembly form has a significant impact on the accuracy assurance, speed assurance, and operating life of the system in practical use
2023/11/10 14:04
When replacing peripheral parts of the device, carry out regular maintenance, operational checks and inspections of the removed bearings to determine whether they can be reused and whether they are in good or bad condition.First, carefully examine and note the removed bearings and their appearance
2023/11/02 10:57