Bearing knowledge: How to determine whether bearings can be reused

2023/11/02 10:57

When replacing peripheral parts of the device, carry out regular maintenance, operational checks and inspections of the removed bearings to determine whether they can be reused and whether they are in good or bad condition.

First, carefully examine and note the removed bearings and their appearance. To clarify and check the amount of residual grease, the bearings must be thoroughly cleaned after sampling.

Secondly, check the condition of the raceway, running and contact surfaces as well as the state of wear of the cage for any damage or irregularities.

To determine whether the bearings are suitable for reuse, the degree of damage to the bearings, machine surface, importance, operating conditions, inspection stroke, etc. must be considered before making a decision.

If damage or abnormalities are found in the bearings according to the inspection results, it is necessary to determine the cause and develop countermeasures. In addition, according to the test results, if one of the following defects occurs, the bearing is no longer usable and must be replaced with a new one.

1. The inner and outer rings, rolling elements or cages have cracks or fragments.

2.The inner and outer rings or rolling elements are loose.

3. The sliding surface, corner protectors and rolling elements are significantly damaged.

4. The cage is severely worn or the rivets are loose.

5. Rust and scratches on the racing surface and rolling body.

6. There are significant dents and scratches on the tread and rolling body.

7.The sliding occurs on the surface of the inner diameter of the inner ring or the outer diameter of the outer ring.

8. Overheating can cause severe discoloration.

9. The sealing ring and dust seal of the greased bearing are severely damaged.