Do you know the classification of automotive bearings?

2024/04/25 12:38

1、 Single row tapered roller bearings

The inner and outer rings can be installed separately;

Rear wheels that can be used for drum brakes (such as Santana rear wheels);

Has higher load-bearing capacity and relatively lower rotational speed;

Small installation space, easy to install;

2、 First generation wheel hub bearings

Fixed and pre-set bearing clearance;

Lifetime lubrication, maintenance free;

Permanent sealing;

Sealing rings are divided into rubber oil rings and combination oil seals;

Compact structure;

3、 Second generation wheel hub unit

The second generation wheel hub bearings combine the economic advantages of the first generation and integrate a wheel hub flange for installing brake discs and wheel rims. The second generation wheel hub bearings are compact bearing units with fixed pre-set bearing clearances, lifetime lubrication (maintenance free), and sealing.

Integrated with a hub flange;

A certain pre-set bearing clearance, integrated with hub flange;

Rolling flanging technology, fully pre tightened;

The snap ring provides axial tension on the outer ring of the bearing and firmly fixes the bearing;

Multiple sensors can be integrated into the sealing ring to support ABS (anti lock braking system), ASR (anti slip device), and ESP (electronic stability system);

4、 Third generation wheel hub unit

The third-generation hub bearings are highly integrated hub bearing units with a mounting flange for installing brake discs and a flange for installing steering knuckles to ensure maximum operational accuracy. The integrated speed decoder provides the signals required for ABS/ESP suspension control. The tightening force of the wheel hub bearing is exerted and adjusted through the annular protrusion.

Compact structure, high bearing capacity, lifelong lubrication, and sealing;

Reduced shaking, improving driving comfort;

High precision brake discs and wheel guidance;

Double flange design, installation does not require adjusting bearing clearance, making installation more convenient;

Higher reliability and longer service life.