Automobile Bearings

High performance sealing ring

Lightweight and miniaturized

Low friction torque

ABS technology

Large load capacity

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Product Introduction 

Automobile  bearings are a type of bearing that is classified according to its purpose. Their function is to keep the shock absorber rotating with the wheels when the vehicle is turning, preventing vibration from being transmitted to the vehicle body through the shock absorber due to uneven road surface during driving.

Development History of Automobile Bearings

Automobile  bearings are divided into ball bearings and tapered roller bearings. The first generation Automobile  bearings has a simple structure, while the second generation Automobile  bearings integrates the wheel hub on top of the first generation. The inner ring of the third generation bearing integrates the wheel hub, and the outer ring integrates the flange connecting the steering knuckle. It can be connected to the steering knuckle through bolts.

There are a wide range of car bearing models, and sometimes their names are also different. Below are only some common models. If you have any other needs, please contact our customer service.

Automobile  BearingsAutomobile  BearingsAutomobile  BearingsAutomobile  Bearings

Automobile  BearingsAutomobile  Bearings

Automobile  BearingsAutomobile  Bearings

Automobile  BearingsAutomobile  Bearings

Automobile  BearingsAutomobile  Bearings


Automobile  Bearings are the components that connect the tires, brake discs, and steering knuckles. Automobile  Bearings main function is to carry weight and provide precise guidance for the rotation of the wheel hub. Automobile  Bearings mission determines that it must not only be able to withstand axial loads, but also radial loads. Because bearings are an important component of tires, regular maintenance and replacement of bearings are crucial for ensuring safe driving of cars. According to data, if properly maintained and used, the bearings of a car can generally last for about 100000 kilometers.

The automotive industry is one of the important industries for bearing applications, Automobile  bearings mainly applied in the following areas:  

Automobile  Bearings are one of the most common types of bearings in automobiles, mainly used in tires, steering knuckles, differentials, transmission shafts, and other parts.  Hub bearings have the characteristics of high load-bearing capacity, high-speed rotation, and low friction, making them widely used in high-end models such as heavy-duty vehicles and luxury cars.

Automobile  BearingsAutomobile  BearingsAutomobile  Bearings

Automobile  BearingsAutomobile  BearingsAutomobile  Bearings

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Automobile  BearingsAutomobile  BearingsAutomobile  Bearings

Automobile  Bearings

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