Hot assembly knowledge of machine tool bearings!

2024/05/07 15:33

What is hot installation of machine tool bearings? How should we heat up the bearings of machine tools? Machine tool bearing hot installation generally refers to a heating process that involves installing the inner trap of the bearing onto the bearing block of the transmission shaft, and is divided into two processing processes: hot installation (or hot installation) and cold installation. Generally speaking, the first one has better actual results than the latter one.

There are four common ways to heat up machine tool bearings during hot installation:

(1) Heating insulation oil method

Place the machine tool bearings on a spherical grid in insulating oil. Heat up the insulation oil, pick it up at the scheduled time, use a clean and lint free cloth to clean the oil stains and accessories, and apply it to the shaft as soon as possible.

(2) DC vortex heating method

After placing the machine tool bearing on the moving iron core of the DC heater, connect it to the power frequency AC power supply of the heater. Bearings will generate vortices (current) inside and outside due to the magnetic effect of current, resulting in heat generation and swelling. This type of heater has products produced by professional factories, with different capacity specifications and models, which can be selected according to the size of the bearings. The control of heating temperature can be achieved by using its built-in temperature measuring device. If not available, direct measurement can be made using thermal resistors or point thermometers, or by accurately measuring and analyzing the required time, and then changing the duration to control. This will be more convenient, but different heating durations should be determined based on different natural environmental temperatures.

(3) Drying oven heating method

Put the machine tool bearings into a dedicated drying box, and the temperature of the drying box should be stable and uniform. Remove it as soon as possible after the set time and place it on the transmission shaft.

(4) Electromagnetic stove heating method

Heating the machine tool bearings on an electromagnetic stove is more suitable for smaller bearings, especially in the absence of the above machine equipment, such as when users replace bearings on the spot, which is a good method. The electromagnetic stove used has products produced by professional factories, and can also be used as a general electromagnetic stove for household cooking. During operation, attention should be paid to adjusting the temperature power switch, accurately measuring and maintaining the temperature.