What are the application scenarios of plastic bearings

2024/05/11 10:04

Plastic bearings are very common in multiple application scenarios, including but not limited to the following areas:

Automotive manufacturing:

In the automotive field, plastic bearings are mainly used in automotive engines, transmission systems, suspension systems, and other parts. They can improve the performance and fuel economy of cars due to their good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and lower friction coefficient. Especially in wheel and steering systems, the application of plastic bearings can reduce wheel weight and improve handling performance. Meanwhile, in the lubrication system of the engine, plastic bearings can reduce friction, improve lubrication efficiency, and extend engine life.

Home appliance manufacturing:

In the field of household appliances, plastic bearings are widely used in the motor parts of household appliances such as washing machines, electric fans, and air conditioners. Due to their self-lubricating and insulating properties, plastic bearings can reduce electrical wear and noise, thereby extending their service life.

Electronic devices:

In the field of electronic devices, plastic bearings are widely used as moving parts in electronic devices such as computers, printers, and copiers. Its lightweight and low operating noise characteristics help improve the performance and stability of electronic devices.

Industrial equipment:

Engineering plastic bearings are widely used in general industrial equipment, such as chemical engineering, electrical and electronic, food industry, robotics, medical, packaging, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, papermaking, plastic rubber, railway and tram tracks, textile equipment, and other fields. Their excellent wear resistance, high toughness, chemical resistance, and fatigue resistance characteristics have made engineering plastic bearings widely used in these fields.


Engineering plastic bearings that are maintenance free, highly efficient, have a higher level of safety, and are lighter have also been applied in the aerospace field. These bearings can meet the stringent requirements of fixed and rotating wing drones.

Other fields:

In addition, plastic bearings have also been applied in fields such as marine equipment, food and beverage equipment, pharmaceutical or chemical equipment, vacuum or cleanroom equipment, etc. They can cope with challenges such as corrosion, high temperature, and chemical substances, ensuring the stable operation of equipment.

Overall, the application range of plastic bearings is very wide, covering almost all fields that require bearings. With the rapid development of modern industrial technology, the application scope of plastic bearings will continue to expand.