Thrust Ball Bearing 51106

High quality steel

Smooth mute

Long lifespan

Efficient operation

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Product Details

Product Introduction

Thrust Ball Bearing 51106  consists of three parts: seat ring, shaft ring, and steel ball cage assembly. The shaft ring that fits with the shaft and the seat ring that fits with the shell. 51106 belongs to one-way thrust ball bearings.

Thrust Ball Bearing 51106 are specialized bearings designed to withstand axial forces, which are forces in the direction of parallel axes. 

High quality and professional bearings will bring more efficient operation, saving costs for equipment with high requirements and difficult disassembly, and achieving better overall cost-effectiveness.

Thrust Ball Bearing 51106         inner diameter :30mm      outer diameter: 47mm          thickness :11mm

Thrust Ball Bearing 51106Thrust Ball Bearing 51106


Thrust Ball Bearing 51106 application fields: Canned food processing equipment, binding machines, generators, animal husbandry and breeding machinery, soldering machines, chemical mixing equipment, arc welding machines, arc templates, water transfer printing equipment, forestry machinery, textile instruments, elevators, standard sieves, petroleum drilling machines, electric welding machines, machine tool screws, cutting machines, riveting equipment, non-woven fabric machinery, deep hole drilling machines, shearing machines, impact testing machines, oil coolers, smelting complete equipment, traction and correction equipment, Textile supporting electrical instrument equipment, vibration discs, vulcanizing machines, cutting machines, shoe repair machines, and other fields.

Thrust Ball Bearing 51106Thrust Ball Bearing 51106Thrust Ball Bearing 51106

Thrust Ball Bearing 51106Thrust Ball Bearing 51106Thrust Ball Bearing 51106

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Thrust Ball Bearing 51106

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