EGH15SA Linear Guide Block

100% HIWIN Process & Size

Upgrade appearance

High Precision

High Load

Strong Rigidity

Smooth Walking

Low Noise

Long Service life


Automatic Centering

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Product Details

Product Introdution  

EGH15SA Linear Guide blocks is a low-assembly type ball linear guide. It uses four rows of steel balls to bear the load, which makes it have high rigidity and high load characteristics. EGH15SA also has four-directional equal load characteristics and automatic alignment function, which can absorb assembly errors on the mounting surface. ,  Coupled with the reduced combination height and shortened slide length, EGH15SA very suitable for use in high-speed automated industrial machinery and small equipment with space requirements.  EGH15SA block is equipped with a steel ball holder to prevent the steel balls from falling off. This design not only facilitates customers to install the silver linear guide, but also prevents the steel balls from falling off when the slider is removed. It is also interchangeable as long as the accuracy allows.

EGH15SA Linear Guide BlockEGH15SA Linear Guide Block

Linear guide rail most commonly used series: HG Series/EG Series/MG Series/RG Series

Product application

EGH15SA Linear Guide Block generally used in automation equipment, woodworking machinery, high-speed transportation equipment and other fields.

EGH15SA Linear Guide BlockEGH15SA Linear Guide BlockEGH15SA Linear Guide Block


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