What kind of bearings should be selected in the field of industrial robots?

2024/03/20 15:29

The accuracy of industrial robots is a key factor directly related to product quality and production efficiency. Bearings are an important factor affecting the accuracy of industrial robots, and industrial robot bearings are required to have long lifespan, high stiffness, and low friction.

Therefore, when selecting industrial robots, not only should their dynamic rated load be considered, but also the suitable values for each structural parameter should be carefully selected. The development of contemporary industrial robots is characterized by their lightweight and thinness. Because bearings need to be installed in limited space, bearings used in industrial robots have smaller specifications and lighter weight.

In addition, matching industrial robot bearings must be used to ensure the characteristics of industrial robots, such as high load capacity, high rotational accuracy, high operational reliability, high positioning speed, high repositioning accuracy, long service life, and high reliability. Therefore, bearings must have good characteristics in terms of load capacity, accuracy, bending stiffness, low friction torque, long service life, and safety.

Bearings limit relative speed and reduce friction between machine components. This type of carefully planned and manufactured components enables equipment to operate at high speeds and efficiently bear relatively large loads. Integrating industrial robot technology into production and manufacturing requires a significant amount of time, training, and cost investment. Choosing the right bearings requires a deep understanding of special operations or types of mechanical equipment.