Installation Of Double Row Tapered Roller Bearings

2023/12/06 13:42

1、 This type of bearing can withstand both radial and axial loads and consists of two outer rings, one spacer ring, and one inner sleeve component. The manufacturing clearance of bearings has been adjusted with spacers according to the user's working conditions and national standards when the product leaves the factory. Users only need to install according to the correct operating procedures.

2、 After the bearings arrive at the installation site, open the packaging and check whether the bearings are damp, rusted, or bumped during transportation.

3、 The rust prevention of bearings adopts soluble water agents, which have no chemical changes when in contact with different lubricating greases and will not undergo any deterioration reaction.

4、 Bearing installation steps:

Clean the bearing box seat hole, roller neck, and cover with clean kerosene, and check for burrs and protrusions in the contact area with the bearing. If there are any, they can be polished smooth with sandcloth or a polishing machine. When checking the bearing housing hole, in addition to checking whether its shape and size exceed the tolerance, it is also necessary to check the corresponding positions of the two outer rings installed in the load area to see if there are obvious protrusions between the two outer rings. If the size exceeds the tolerance and there are obvious protrusions, it is recommended to replace the bearing housing with a new one.

Measure the actual height of the bearing, measure the height of the protruding sub opening of the pressure cap, and calculate the maximum value of the required gasket based on the net height of the bearing box. (H1+H2+B-L)/2=X Shim thickness<X.

First, install the pressure cover on one side of the bearing box, flip it flat and place it on the platform. Then, install the first outer ring, spacer ring, inner sleeve component, and second outer ring in sequence. During this process, continuously rotate the inner ring to ensure that the end face of the first outer ring is close to the pressure cover, and its raceway is in good contact with the first row of rollers. Finally, install the pressure cover on this side. Rotate the inner ring of the bearing by hand to check for any stagnation or jamming. If it is intact, seal the bearing housing hole and place it in the backup area.

5、 Install the roller that has already been installed with a movable labyrinth onto the bearing box, and combine the axial clearance of the bearing to reserve a certain gap e between the inner sleeve end face and the pressure sleeve end face of the bearing. This is important to ensure that the load can be evenly distributed between the two rows of rolling elements to the maximum extent during bearing operation.

6、 The work of adding lubricating grease can be interspersed in one of the above links or added online according to the needs of the production line.

7、 Special precautions:

Does the roughness of the area in contact with the sealing lip on the roller system meet the requirements.

Is there sufficient interference fit between the moving labyrinth and the end face of the rolling mill on the rolling mill? Otherwise, displacement may occur during bearing use, causing wear on the inner ring end face of the bearing. In severe cases, radial radial cracks may appear on the bearing end face.

8、 Suggestion:

After using the bearing online for a period of time, adjust the load area of the two outer rings of the bearing by 90 °~120 ° according to the working conditions, which can effectively extend the service life of the bearing.