Burn fault and solution of bearing

2024/01/30 10:20

The so-called burn damage state of  bearings refers to the rapid heating of the raceway wheel, rolling element, and retainer of  bearings during rotation until discoloration, softening, deposition, and damage occur.

The main reason for bearing burns is due to poor lubrication of  bearings, which may have used non-standard lubricants or excessive or insufficient lubricants, both of which are incorrect. Secondly, it may be due to excessive load (excessive preloading). The rotational speed is too high. The clearance is too small. There is water or other foreign objects invading. If neither of the above situations is true, then the accuracy of the shaft and  bearing box is poor, and the deflection of the shaft is large. Seeing this, I think everyone wants to know the solution. Firstly, we need to study lubricants and lubrication methods, choose the right  bearing lubricant and its dosage, and correct the selection of  bearings. Research needs to be coordinated,  bearing clearance and preloading, and improve sealing devices. Check the accuracy of the shaft and  bearing housing.