SFC Bearings Provide Optimized Services For Customers

2023/09/12 10:08

SFC Bearings Provide Optimized Services For Customers. SFC serious bearings use  unique heat treatment technology to fully utilize the characteristics of these 

highly pure steels. This unique heat treatment technology optimizes the wear resistance characteristics of SFC bearings without affecting their stability at high 

temperatures. Due to the significant improvement in wear resistance of bearings, the original life calculation method cannot accurately predict the working life of 

SFC bearings.    

All contact surfaces of SFC bearings, as well as the contact surfaces between rolling elements and raceways, have been improved in terms of surface roughness, 

which can optimize the effect of lubricants and reduce vibration and noise. Make the operation of bearings more stable, with lower temperature rise and the need

 for less lubricant. Therefore, in order to reduce maintenance work on the entire bearing configuration, including seals.

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